Community-led action plan

The KLAP survey Report and Draft Action Plan was adopted by  Kington Town Council in 2014.  The next stage in this process is the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.
This will eventually become a legally binding guide for planners and a document containing the local community's aspirations for the area.

The Kington Area Neighbourhood planning group has been active since July 2014.  This area includes Kington Town, Huntington and Kington Rural & Lower Harpton parish council areas.

Click HERE to be taken to the Kington Area Neighbourhood Plan website for latest news

To see the original action plan, which laid the foundation for the Neighbourhood Plan, click HERE

Please note that the minutes below are for historic interest only and do not refer to the current Neighbourhood Plan.  Please click the Neighbourhood Plan links above to be taken to the Neighbourhood Plan website 

Agenda   Minutes 
 16th October 201216th October 2012 
2nd October 2012 2nd October 2012 
 16 July 201216 July 2012 
 15 May 2012 15 May 2012
 12 April 2012 12 April 2012
 21 February 201221 February 2012 
 24 January 201224 January 2012 
 10 January 201210 January 2012 
 6th December 20116 December 2011 
 20th October 2011 20th October 2011
 22nd September 201122nd September 2011 
 17th August 2011 17th August 2011
 13th July 2011 13th July 2011
22 July 2011

22nd June 2011

25 May 2011 25th May 2011 
  11th May 2011
12th April 12th April 2011
 8th March 2011 8th March 2011