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If you want any further information on issues that the council is discussing or taking action on, please contact the Town Clerk: details of council office opening times and contact information are on the home page. 

 Kington Town Council is in the planning stages of a public meeting to discuss ideas for the future of the library. Kington Town Council is involved in developing a strategy for the Library’s future and would like to see what ideas members of the local community have, as well as bringing people up to date with their current work.

Discussions on the night will include identifying any other library supporters to join the existing
group, what activities might be suitable to hold in the library and the development 
of a Community Interest Company to develop the provision of further activities and services.
This date has now been confirmed for Wednesday May 10th.

 Relaunch of the Chronicle

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 Proposed refurbishment of the War Memorial surround 

Exciting news.  The Town Council has been working to improve the area surrounding the War Memorial in the Square. Plans are being drawn up and have been viewed, generally favourably, by the people who live in the Square.   To view the plans yourself, click HERE to open the proposed plan/artist's view.


We don't like to talk about it but we can't ignore it any longer!

The problem of dog fouling was discussed at a recent council meeting.  Councillors are most unhappy with the increase in dog fouling over the winter months and intend to take steps to combat this.  
  • ALL dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.
  • All dog owners know that they are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs
  • Pretending that you didn't see your dog do it is no excuse.

Be aware that dog fouling can (and will if you are caught) incur a maximum fine of £1,000.

Such irresponsible behaviour on the part of some dog owners sets a poor example for all. Dog faeces can carry extremely unpleasant diseases such as Toxicara Canis.  
For the sake  of the community - pick it up and dispose of it in a bin provided . 
Or better still, take it home and dispose if it in your own dustbin.

More information on one of the legal aspects of being a dog owner Dog Control orders


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