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Next meeting of the Full Council  
7pm, Monday 3rd October
Larger Meeting Room, Old Police Station, Market Hall Street, Kington.
Members of the public are warmly invited to attend.


Kington Town Bus Service Questionnaire 
We are running a short survey to find  out how many people use the Town Bus Service.
 Click HERE to be taken to the relevant page for the questionnaire

The Closure of the Kington branch of Barclays Bank
Your Council has been in communication with the Bank but the closure will go ahead.
In answer to our request for an Impact Assessment, Barclays sent us the following response.

As promised, please find attached the impact assessment that has been completed ahead of the closure of our Kington branch on the 23rd September.  This can also be accessed via our website with the following link:


Good News!

Good news one
Ashby’s now have an ATM in the shop. It is not fully connected yet and the staff have not been trained in how to use it, but it’s definitely getting there. Mike Ashby is hoping that the ATM will be in use by the weekend of September 24.

Kington Town Council would like to thanks Ashby’s Store for installing the ATM and going some way to relieving 
some of the anxiety over the closure of the Kington branch of Barclay’s Ban

Good news two
It looks as though the Mill Street car park electric charging point will be working again by the end of September. After this Kington should have a fully functioning fast charger back up and running


                                                        The increasing problem with dog fouling  


An unpleasant subject but one which we cannot avoid at the moment - literally.
Click HERE to be taken to some information about our recent discussions


KINGTON LIBRARY – not only books and CDs

Kington Library offers lots of other activities of which many people are unaware. The Library is looking for local users who value the library and who could form a *Users Group. This group would support the library management, suggest facilities that the community would like provided and also help with library related activities. 

If you are interested and have lots of ideas, then contact Zandra 01432 260 600


*Our first meeting will be Wednesday 12th October, 5.30pm at Kington Library   

 Kington Town Council comprises 15 elected Councillors, each elected for four years. The most recent election was held in May 2015. 

Kington elects its Mayor annually:  The current Mayor is Councillor Mrs Elizabeth Banks.

The Council has two deputy Mayors, one being the immediate past Mayor (currently Councillor Bob Widdowson  and the other is the potential Mayor Designate for the next council year (currently Cllr Martin Fitton)

The Full Council meets monthly. These meetings, as all council meetings,  are open to the public: if you are interested in attending, dates and times of meetings are posted on this website and on the notice board outside the Council offices.

In addition to Full Council meetings, there are also regular meetings of the Council's committees: Environment, Services, Planning, Finance. Members of the public are also entitled to attend meetings of these committees. The Council also has a Scrutiny Committee, which oversees the governance and operations of the council. This committee only meets periodically, but again, its meetings are open to the public.

The Council also holds an Annual Town meeting, usually in April or May. This is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of the Mayor and the Chairpersons of the Town's committees.

The management of Kington Town Council's affairs is the responsibility of the Clerk to the Council, Gwilym Rippon.