We give grants for good local causes.
Do you belong to a Voluntary / Community organisation based in Kington and working to 
benefit people who live here?  Your organisation might be eligible for a grant from the 
Town Council to help with its work.
Grants can be awarded to new and existing organisations. Each application will be 
considered on its own merit and grants will not necessarily be available to you every time 
you apply. We have a limited budget for grants and the total funding requested usually 
exceeds the total funds available.

We do not give grants to national organisations unless they have a locally-based group.
There is a Grants Round every Autumn and Spring - we let the community know when the 
Rounds are open, by messages here, our Facebook page, posters in the town, and in the 
local press.

The spring/ autumn Grants Round is now open

You can download all three forms by clicking the three links below application form + guidance notes + checklist

PLEASE NOTE: the closing date is 9am on Tuesday 18th April and late entries will not be considered.
Please follow the guidance notes - we will return any forms with missing paperwork, or that are not filled in correctly.
Contact the Clerk or any Councillor for any help needed with the forms.