Kington in Bloom: is a Town Council initiative made up mainly of Councillors and of other willing volunteers
                                       The group has two purposes

1 - The Kington in Bloom Working Group.  This group looks after the tubs and hanging baskets that are displayed in various locations in the shopping area of the town. In 2015, the group expanded its work to include other locations at the further reaches of Kington including new flower tubs around town and a superb flower display on the north roundabout. If you would like to join in, take a look at our Operation Kington page


2 - The Kington in Bloom Competition. This is an annual event organised by the Town Council, as part of a scheme to encourage more planting and floral displays  to show our beautiful town at its best.  

The Council expresses grateful thanks to all who take part and to Arrow Mill Garden Centre for hosting the award ceremony and providing the ‘Turner Prize’ for the 'Judge's Favourite' entry

Congratulations to our 'Kington in Bloom' entrants and winners.




Category 2: larger display of 9 or more containers

Mr & Mrs Roper

“Lovely use of colour. Plants very healthy, very nice garden overall.”

Highly commended

Category 2: larger display of 9 or more containers

Mrs Patricia White
“Stunning display overall, very well-tended, with some of the healthiest plants in the competition. Nice variety and good use of colour. Slightly let down by overcrowding of pots: fewer pots might create a better display.”

Category 3: gardens

Mrs Betty Bounds

“Beautiful use of small garden – very creative display. Nice variety of plants”


Category 1: small display of up to 8 containers

Arrowfield Vets (business section)
“Display rather battered by recent rain. In some need of attention and dead-heading but nice vibrant display.”

Category 2: larger display of 9 or more containers
Mrs Janet Griffiths (domestic section)

“Absolutely stunning display of well-tended bright vibrant plants.”

The Wine Vaults (business section)

“Baskets not very well established for time of year but there is a nice variety of plants with nice use of colour and the garden has the potential to be stunning.”

Category 3: gardens

Mrs Margaret Bowdler

“Absolutely immaculate well established garden stunning variety of mature trees, shrubs and plants. ‘The Full Package’. A lot of hard work over the years has made this one of the best!”

Overall winners

Domestic section

Mrs Margaret Bowdler

Category 1

Arrowfield Vets

Judge’s favourite entry: Turner Prize

Mrs Janet Griffiths

Judge’s comments on his favourite entry

“My favourite garden – just goes to show what can be done in a small space”

 General gathering at Arrow Mill Garden Centre The 'Judges Favourite' winner, Mrs Griffiths 
 Mrs Bounds - highly commended The Business Class winners - Arrowfield Vetinary Practice