Operation Kington - making our town look better

What is Operation Kington?
Operation Kington is a volunteer group made up of some of Kington’s Town Councillors along with members of KLEEN (Kington Local Energy Efficiency Network) and other Kington residents.

What does Operation Kington do?
Our aim is to improve the look of Kington Town for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

We undertake tasks such as group litter picks (with KLEEN), hedge trimming, path clearing, bulb planting, making & planting up flower boxes, painting & repairing benches, grass cutting, children’s play area maintenance and any other ways we can improve the town.

Do you need more help?
We do need some more volunteers and people to get involved. Have you any skills that we could use? Could you help our small group undertake some of the tasks we have planned?  If you would like to give up some of your time to improve the look of your town then please get in touch with Ian Wood-Johnson (address below)

Do you meet up regularly?
We meet twice a month on alternate Sunday mornings at 10.am for litterpicks.

Sounds good – can I get involved?
We would love to talk to you - please contact: Cllr Ian Wood-Johnson on 07900 380610 or email kingtonmcc@btinternet.com

Kington In Bloom

Kington in Bloom is a Town Council initiative made up mainly of Councillors and other willing volunteers. The group has two purposes:

  • The Kington in Bloom Working Group. This group, closely linked to Operation Kington, looks after the tubs and hanging baskets that are displayed in various locations in the shopping area of the town. In 2015, the group expanded its work to include other locations at the further reaches of Kington including new flower tubs around town and a superb flower display on the north roundabout. 

  • The Kington in Bloom Competition. This has been an annual event organised by the Town Council, as part of a scheme to encourage more planting and floral displays to show our beautiful town at its best.  This competition is resting for 2018 for refreshing in the future.