Community Engagement


Community Engagement

Kington Town Council is committed to engaging as widely as possible with local residents, organisations and businesses. We recognise the importance of representing the community we have been elected to represent, and to ensure that we take account of all community interests in the decisions we take. 

There is a Community Engagement Strategy - click HERE for more information. 

Neighbourhood plan

A key area for community engagement at present is the development of the Neighbourhood Plan

A number of consultation events have taken place over the life of the current, and previous, council on a range of key topics. These include housing provision, transport and the environment. The Neighbourhood Plan is building on the work that was undertaken for the Kington Local Area Plan, which also identified issues which go beyond the planning focus of the Neighbourhood Plan.

A wide range of methods were used during this process, including meetings, focus groups, Planning for Real and surveys. Kington Town Council is using the results of the public consultations during the KLAP process to assist in formulating its 4 year strategy. 



The Kington Centre and Library

Other consultations included a workshop on the development of the Kington Centre (AKA the Library). This is a pilot project for Herefordshire Council,  extending the role of libraries to play a wider role in community well-being.   (Click HERE to read the report from a seminar of local groups and representatives held in 2015). This innovative partnership, between the Town Council and Herefordshire Council, demonstrates the Town Council’s response to widespread concerns in the town about the possible loss of the library as a result of Herefordshire Council’s budget cuts.


Kington Library - Not only books and CDs

Kington Library offers lots of other activities of which many people are unaware. There is now a Library Development Group, consisting of local library users who value the library and all its services. This group meets to plan ways in which to support the library, and, to plan extra events in the library. See more at /_VirDir/CoreContents/News/Display.aspx?id=3169

The Town Council continues to engage with a wide range of local organisations through appointing representatives to liaise with, and serve on, the committees of these organisations. These include:

Kington United Charities
, Lady Hawkins Foundation, Kington Festival AssociationKington Museum, Kington Chamber of Trade, Kington Tourist Information Group, Kington Twinning Association, KLEEN

Council representatives on these groups report back regularly to the Council on issues and provide updates. Specific meetings have also been held by councillors with different local residents groups, including those living at Kington Park. These and other groups are invited to attend consultation events as appropriate. The Town Council is also currently engaged in meetings with local businesses on the Hatton Gardens Industrial Estate.

Kington Town Council has supported the Kington Chronicle as a means of enabling information and updates to reach almost every house in the community. It is hoped currently that a new editorial board can be created for the Kington Chronicle to ensure that this will continue to be a vehicle for news updates and articles both for the Town Council and for other groups.

Kington Town Council also has a Facebook page, which provides regular brief updates on activities and encourages members of the public to provide comments through this page.

Kington Town Council will continue to ensure effective engagement with all local residents, to ensure that it responds to local issues and needs, and is fully transparent and accountable in its work to represent and improve Kington Town.

Recent Consultations and Surveys

As a result of consultations and discussions, including the workshop held in March 2015, the Kington Centre has been given funding to develop a pilot project as a well-being centre. The book stock has been retained, together with space for the Kington History Society (albeit reduced) and Herefordshire Council Customer Services are still offered through the Centre.

Ensuring Democratic Process

In preparation for the Town Council elections held in May 2015, the Council held an introductory session for anyone interested in standing for the council, to find out what the council does and how to be nominated. This event was widely publicised in the town.
As a result, two candidates, who might not otherwise have stood, were encouraged to stand and were elected.

Kington Town Council has been engaged in discussions about the possible formation of a Youth Town Council and these will be taken forward during 2015-16. It is very important that young people in the town are engaged in democratic processes.