Kington Recreation Ground



The Recreation Ground was gifted to the Town over a century ago and a Trust Deed was set up in 1910, establishing a Charitable Trust for its management. The Trust passed to Kington Town Council many
years ago and the Town Council is, in law, the Charitable Trustee.

The Recreation Ground Trust therefore follows council procedures in relation to its governance, but meets separately to council meetings. The Recreation Ground Trust has established a Management Group to look after day to day issues concerning the Recreation Ground and its users.

The Town Council makes an annual grant available to the Trust to enable it to carry out its responsibilities.

Recreation Ground Trust meetings are open to the public. User groups and regular hirers are invited to specific meetings to discuss relevant business.

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Recreation Ground Meetings Schedule 2017/2018

Recreation Ground Trustees/ Trust meetings are open to the public, Management meetings are not: members of the Users Group attend User Group meetings by invitation. 

To view the minutes of the Recreation Ground Trust Meetings, please click here. 

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Man = Management Groups || Trust = Recreation Ground Trust || User = User Groups