Herefordshire Rural Hub Links

Herefordshire Rural Hub CIC is a business support organisation for farming and rural businesses across Herefordshire. Established in 2005, the Hub has grown and now reaches over 1,500 rural businesses.

Herefordshire Rural Hub has a history of being able to pull support organisations together to work as a network for the greater good of the local businesses and farming community. The Hub can give access to business development opportunities and keeps businesses and individuals up to date with information on events, funding opportunities, and rules & regulations by:

Regular newsletters bi-monthly, by post, or monthly newsletters by email.
Email updates.

We have organised events such as:

  • The annual Rural Business Advice Day 
  • Practical workshops such as Soil Management & Soil repair
  • How to complete your Basic Payment Scheme
  • Computerised Book Keeping for Farmers, Health & Safety.
We work in partnership with other organisations to deliver workshops/events such as Green Futures (bringing Farmers up to date with the latest legislation, CAP reform etc), working with the Fastershire Broadband Initiative to improve IT & Computer skills.
Explaining funding opportunities and signposting to funding streams.


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