Finance, Personnel & General Purposes Committee

WITH EFFECT FROM JANUARY 2024 THE FINANCE COMMITTEE WILL ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PERSONNEL COMMITTEE AND SERVICES COMMITTEE AND BE RENAMED THE FINANCE, PERSONNEL AND GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. Historic agendas and minutes relating to the previous Personnel Committee and Services Committee appear on the previous committee pages. The Finance, Personnel and General Purposes Committee meets every other month or when required. This committee monitors the council’s budget and spending, ensuring that the books balance and that all the accounts are accurate. Oversees all staffing and personnel related matters such as staff recruitment, health and safety matters, grievances and disciplinary matters. The Committee also oversees matters relating to the health and well-being of residents generally, the provision of services to residents whether provided by the Town Council or other bodies and such other matters as may be delegated by Full Council from time to time. Committees generally meet in the evening of the third Monday of the month unless there is more urgent business to discuss, when they may meet more frequently, and on a different day and time. Start times of Committee meetings can vary as there are generally several meetings on the same evening. The business of some meetings can take longer to discuss than others, meaning that the next meeting's start time may be slightly later than originally planned.

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18 Mar 24

19:00 to 20:00



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