Grass Cutting

Our Complaint
All highway / public grass verges and play areas are maintained by Herefordshire Council’s contractors, Balfour Beatty. We submitted a complaint about overgrown play areas to Herefordshire Council and got the following reply, as well as a link to an FAQ page on grass cutting. It is worth looking at this FAQ page as there is some useful advice here.

We have reproduced Herefordshire Council’s advice on grass cutting litigation for public interest. Please click HERE to open this advice in a new window.

Reply from Herefordshire Council
Thank you for contacting Herefordshire Council. The schedule detailed on our website is correct, but please note that visibility splays may be cut outside of the schedule. Our website has recently been updated with responses to frequently asked questions and concerns which may be of interest to residents in your area.
Our current recommendations for members of the public are to get in touch with their Parish Council to see if any schemes are in place with the lengthsman’s scheme.

In addition, we make note to the public that Councillors were involved in the public consultation and subsequent decisions made regarding budget cuts and changes in the maintenance schedules and so suggest that initial concerns are directed to their local Councillor.

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.
Herefordshire Council Customer Services

All well and good - but not terribly informative. It looks as though the two play areas in Kington (Crooked Well Meadow and Eardisly Road Open Space) will be getting an 'Amenity' cut towards the end of August in addition to the scheduled cuts by BBLP.