Local Businesses

Kington may be the smallest market town in Herefordshire, but it has a lively business community. Kington has a wide range of local firms and businesses, restaurants, cafés and pubs. It has an active Chamber of Trade. The High Street and its shops are of key importance to the Town Council and ensuring a good environment for both the businesses and shoppers is a key issue for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Close links are maintained with the Chamber of Trade, not only through the Town Council’s representative but also through some members of the Town Council being themselves local business people. The economy of the town links to its agricultural hinterland, with regular livestock markets held at the Kington Livestock Market Site -click HERE for a link to the Auctioneers' site

Produce and craft markets are regularly held at the Market Hall. Click HERE for further information

The Town Council is committed to supporting the local economy, including as far as possible in its purchasing policy to obtain supplies from local sources. In the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, it is also looking at how the local economy can be strengthened.

We encourage local residents to make use of local businesses and shops to ensure that we can sustain a vibrant Town Centre and wider local economy.