Local Elections 2019

Elections for Herefordshire Council and Town & Parish Councils took place across the UK on 2nd May 2019.

 Town & Parish Councils
Kington Town Council  had fewer than 15 nominations - this means that the election is 'uncontested' and all persons nominated will be duly appointed without the need for a public vote.  

Herefordshire Ward Councillor 
There was a contested election for the position of Ward Councillor. 


Click the link below to see who has been elected and will be serving on the Town Council. 

We congratulate the nominees and look forward to working with the new Town Council over the next four years.

Click here for results of Uncontested Election

Click the link below to see who has been nominated for election to Ward Councillor. Please note that this document contains information on all the Herefordshire Ward Councillors. 

Click here for the result of poll for for Ward Election




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