Town Twinning - an exercise in cultural exchanges

Marine Crest

Marines - Our Twin Town

Kington is twinned with Marines, a town in the region of Île de France just north of Paris. Kington has been twinned with Marines since1979. Both towns have a Twinning Committee which works to foster cultural links and friendship between the two towns.  The term ‘Marines Val d’Oise’ is a country reference: Val d’Oise being the home county of Marines, just as Herefordshire is the home county of Kington. At around 3,000 inhabitants, Marines is larger than Kington and this is reflected in its many clubs, societies and vibrant cultural activities.
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History and context

Marines in Spring

Marines in Spring 

Where did the name come from?

Marines’ origins and how it got its name are unclear. The name could come either from the Roman name Marius, or marinae meaning swamps or marshland. According to the most plausible hypothesis, the land was assigned during the Roman occupation to a man named Marius (perhaps a veteran of Centurion Roman Legions?). The name of the field of Marius might then over time become confused with marinae meaning Marsh or Wetlands.

In the late fourteenth century, sailors on the Seine and Oise would call at Andrésy, at the confluence of the two rivers. Because of links between the domains of Marines and Andrésy, over time the two names would become blurred. The sailing connection the origin of the boat on the town’s crest, which was officially given to the municipality of Marines in 1803.

Marines Twinning Committee Chairman is M Christian Holod

Kington’s Twinning Association’s Chairman is Karen Bennett 07984 395631


Marines in Autumn

Marines in Autumn