Kington Town Council Civic Award

Do you know a hero?

Each year, Kington Town Council invites nominations from members of the community for ‘local heroes’ to be given a Civic Award in the following categories:


  • Young Person Award:  A young person under the age of 21 who lives in Kington or is in school in Kington and has made a significant contribution to the residents of Kington through voluntary effort, achieving success or overcoming particular difficulties, and 
  • Community Award:   A resident or community group/charity, living or working in Kington, who has made a significant contribution to the residents of Kington above and beyond the call of duty, achieved local success or overcome particular difficulties.
Awards can also be nominated by Kington Chamber of Trade for an individual or organisation who has provided exceptional service to the local economy or local population to make a significant contribution to the local area, and there will also be a Mayor's Special Award, nominated by the Town Mayor each year.


Nominations can be made at any time during the year but will be considered annually in April by the Town Council and will be awarded at the Annual Town Meeting or such other time as the Town Council considers appropriate which will usually be in May or June. 

For further information on how to nominate your local hero, please see the Civic Award Policy below.

Civic Award Policy 

Please note nominations for a civil award for 2024 are now closed.


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