Public Meetings

All council and committee meetings are open to the public who have a legal right to attend meetings to observe and in some cases contribute to proceedings.  It is important to remember, however, that council meetings and meetings of its committees are meetings held in public, not public meetings. 

A public meeting is a meeting of the public, so not a town council meeting.  Whilst it is not necessary for the town council to convene a public meeting, it may do so and has committed to do so whenever there is a subject matter which is so significant that the town council feels the public should have the opportunity to voice an opinion.  Any resolution passed at a public meeting is not binding on the town council or indeed any other local authority (or anyone else!), but clearly public opinion is important and the town council believes that residents should be as informed as possible about matters which affect our everyday lives, such as the proposal by Herefordshire Council to impose parking charges on those car parks in Kington that are currently free of charge. 


Kington Town’s Annual Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is not a Council meeting but is a meeting of residents to raise matters of interest or concern or to discuss a topic that affects the Town.  It is also an opportunity for the town to celebrate local heroes through the civic awards which are presented at that meeting.  Chaired by the Mayor, this is very much a town meeting so please do come along.

 For 2023 the meeting took place on Wednesday 24th May at 7.00pm in the Old Police Station, Market Hall Street, Kington.   Some 50 resident attended and the Mayor presented the Town's Civic Awards for the 2022-23 year to the following worthy recipients:

  • Young Person's Award:  Guy Reason for being one of the many who had the honour of pulling the late Queen Elizabeth II's gun carriage on the occasion of her funeral in September 2022
  • Community Award:  Ann Edwards for her very many years of service in promoting the town through the Tourist Information Centre 
  • Business Award:  The Border Bean cafe for promoting the town through excellent customer service and food, supporting local events and for encouraging local people and groups to meet and chat in the cafe.  
  • Mayor's Special Award:  Rev. Ben Griffith for many years of commitment to the Town, supporting people of all and no faith and his work with young people in the town.
Those in attendance also receive presentations from the Town Council, Kington Chamber of Trade, Kington United Charities and Kington Tourist Group.  A copy of the presentation from the Town Council can be found below.  Thank you to all who attended and made it a special evening.

Presentation by Kington Town Council 



 For further information please contact the Town Clerk via email to or phone 07483 914 485..