Public Meetings

All council meetings are open to the public, by law. We use the term 'public' meeting to indicate a larger meeting, generally called to discuss a specific subject, or, the Annual Town Meeting which is held each year in spring.

Kington Town’s Annual Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is different to the monthly Council meetings. It is a public meeting, called by the Council, for the residents and electorate who are all invited to bring subjects for discussion to the meeting. The 2017 Annual Town Meeting was on Thursday 4 May, in the Training Room, Old Police Station, Market Hall Street, Kington.

Click HERE for a link to the minutes of previous meetings.

Kington Town Council produces an Annual Report, which highlights its activities during the past year. This Report is presented to the Annual Town Meeting and for the past few years has been widely circulated as an insert in the Kington Chronicle. To read this past year’s report and previous reports, please click HERE.

The Town Council is required to produce Annual Accounts, which are also presented to the Annual Town Meeting. Requests for further information about the accounts is covered by the Council’s scheme for enquiries under the Freedom of Information Act. 

Other Public Meetings

The Town Council organises public meetings where there are specific local issues that require consultation, so that the views of a wider range of residents can be taken into account in the Council's decision-making.