The Increasing Problem with Dog Fouling

Published: 03 June 2017

The problem of dog fouling was discussed at a recent council meeting. Councillors are most unhappy with the increase in dog fouling  and intend to take steps to combat this.
  • ALL dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.
  • All dog owners know that they are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs
  • Pretending that you didn't see your dog do it is no excuse.
Be aware that dog fouling can (and will if you are caught) incur a maximum fine of £1,000.

Such irresponsible behaviour on the part of some dog owners sets a poor example for all. Dog faeces can carry extremely unpleasant diseases such as Toxicara Canis.
For the sake of the community - pick it up and dispose of it in a bin provided . Or better still, take it home and dispose if it in your own dustbin.

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