A little Council information

Published: 03 June 2017

Kington Town Council elects its Mayor annually: Currently the Mayor is Councillor Mr Martin Fitton

The Council has two deputy Mayors, one being the immediate past Mayor (currently Councillor Elizabeth Banks) and the other is the potential Mayor Designate for the next council year (currently Councillor Christine Forrester)

The Full Council meets monthly. These meetings are open to the public, as are all council meetings. If you would like to attend a Council meeting, you can find dates and times of all meetings on this website, as well as the notice boards outside the Council offices and by the Market Hall.

In addition to Full Council meetings, there are regular meetings of the Council's committees which members of the public are also entitled to attend. These are the Environment, Services, Planning and Finance committees.
The Council also has a Scrutiny Committee, which oversees the governance and operations of the council. This committee only meets periodically, but again, its meetings are open to the public.

The Council also holds an Annual Town meeting, usually in April or May. This is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of the Mayor and the Chairpersons of the Town's committees.

The management of Kington Town Council's affairs is the responsibility of the Clerk to the Council, currently Ms Liz Kelso.