Road Closure and possible change to waste collections

Published: 03 June 2017

Essential Bridge Repairs - Headbrook Bridge, Headbrook.

 We have recently received notice that the road from the southern roundabout junction A44/ A411 along Headbook will be CLOSED for one month from 8am on Monday 26 March and 5pm on Friday 27 April. This is so that essential repairs can be carried out on the culvert that runs under the road.  Signage will redirect vehicles along alternative routes into town and signs will also indicate that all business are open as usual.

Rubbish and recycling days should hopefully stay the same, but times might have to be changed to accommodate the change of route.
If the collection is not made on the correct day, it will  be collected on the next day

Please refer all queries to Herefordshire Council's Customer Services 01432 261800